Coca-Cola Unveils Moving Ad Remembering The Little Joys During Chinese New Year

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Coca-Cola has launched a heartwarming Chinese New Year campaign to ring in the Year of the Ox.

Produced by , CNY Confessions features teenagers in China sharing heartfelt stories about what really matters this time of the year. Especially in the era, simple joys such as sitting together for a meal or gathering with loved ones have become more important than ever.

The clip begins with three young individuals—Meiling, Xiaoming Wang and Little Piggy—who are disgruntled about having to endure the yearly Chinese New Year tradition.

Meiling expresses detesting when relatives crowd inside her home, Wang confesses to how he prefers playing video games as opposed to being a designated family delivery boy, and Little Piggy says she dislikes the long and bumpy bus rides he has to endure in order to go back to his village.

In time, they confess their true feelings about these little moments in life.

“Many Chinese youth once saw Chinese New Year as an obligation, a routine. In 2020, COVID-19 changed all of this, taking away something that many youths once took for granted, and inspiring a shift in perspective of what truly matters – family, friends, connection and love. As a brand that stands for togetherness and optimism, we saw this as an opportunity to ignite the values of our brand, by capturing these confessions in Chinese youth within our film,” said Bassam Qureshi, Coca-Cola Head of IMX.

“We spoke with Chinese youth to ensure we were capturing authentic stories in our film, and in doing so, realized that their yearning to reunite with family this Chinese New Year wasn’t about the big celebrations, but the little simple joys found in the normalcy that bring us together,” added Cia Hatzi, McCann Worldgroup chief client officer for Coca-Cola.

To reinforce the importance of little moments between families, Coca-Cola China has incorporated clay dolls A Fu and A Jiao as little helpers in the campaign’s advertisements and packaging.

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